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China Insights Consultancy (CIC) has always placed great importance to compliance and risk management, and proactively manage compliance in strict accordance with established work procedures. CIC meets the requirements of Chinese and international regulatory bodies for financial information services. Risk control structure and procedures of CIC not only meet the requirements of various regulatory bodies, but also help our customers avoid political, commercial, and legal risks. Therefore, you can safely use and benefit from our services.

  • Internal Control

    - Training and process management is
     the essence of internal control
    - Continuous monitoring of
    - External experts regularly review
     internal control

  • Client Compliance

    - Understanding the customer's
     compliance policies and establishing
     appropriate compliance procedures
    - Customers can customize compliance
     issues, CIC will retain all records
     required for review

  • Expert Compliance

    - CIC will review & evaluate all
     background and knowledge of experts
    - Will clearly address compliance
     requirements to experts
    - Will issue a confidentiality agreement
     signed by experts and keep an electronic
     version of the file