What we do What we do

China Insights Consultancy provides professional industry consulting services to clients who seek to raise money through public stock offerings. Our team has helped hundreds of companies list on overseas stock exchanges. Our independent industry research and analysis has enabled investors to fully understand the growth prospects and competitive strengths of the listing companies and to evaluate their investments.

Main Issues Addressed

  • We comprehensively evaluate development trends and risks of the macroeconomy and business environment, as well as their impacts on the industry and the company.

  • We comprehensively evaluate the attractiveness of the industry that the company belongs to, including future outlook, growth potential and growth rates.

  • We compare the company with its competitors, analyze its competitive strengths, and highlight the company’s core competence.

Methodology and Workflow

Based on our deep understanding of the industry, we are able to assist our clients in solving the problems during the IPO process. And relying on broad industry experience of our team, we are capable of responding the inquiries of regulatory authorities for our clients and demonstrate the investment value of the company. Meanwhile, our industry research also throws light upon how to better draft development strategy for the management.

We believe, only if we provide our clients with customized solutions according to the industry, their business model and market positioning could we best show the investment value of the company.

While cooperating with each client, we constantly gain fresh business insights and we help our clients as well as investors better understand the industry.

  • Understand the client’s business model

  • Consultation and discuss methods

  • Internal research and expert advice

  • Communicate with the

  • Compose and deliver consulting report

  • Communicate with regulators and potential investors