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Case: A Leading Hotel Group to list shares in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • Our client (The Company) is a leading economy hotel chain brand and hotel management group in China.
  • The Company expected to raise money by going public, to support its development strategy through public stock offering.
  • China Insights Consultancy acted as The Company’s industry consultant and drafted the independent third-party market research report.
  • We conducted research on China’s macroeconomic environment as well as the tourism industry, and analyzed the main macro indicators and their effect on the lodging industry.
  • We explored the China lodging industry market analysis, including the industry chain, market size, growth prospects, driving factors, relevant policy, industry entry barriers, etc. Also we focused our analysis on the market size and growth potential of China’s economy hotel chain market segment.
  • We further analyzed on the competitive landscape of China’s economy hotel chain market, and identified The Company’s market position and core competency through qualitative and quantitative analysis against its competitors in terms of business model, products and services, business revenues, financial ratios, performance index, market shares, and rankings in overall market and sub-segments.
  • We frequently discussed with sponsors and lawyers, regarding the company’s business, industry development and competitive strengths, to draft the industry overview section of the prospectus throughout the Company’s listing process.
  • We supported The Company in responding to the inquiries of potential investors and regulatory authorities on the industry, the company’s business model and market position promptly.