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Case: Commercial Due Diligence on a Preventive Healthcare Service Franchise Company

  • Target company is a Chinese company listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with many years of industry experience.
  • Client expected to acquire a chain physical examination company (Target Company) to support its development strategy on business expansion in the fields of health management.
  • China Insights Consultancy acted as the consulting company and drafted the independent third-party commercial due diligence report for The Company.
  • We conducted research on the market’s growth prospects, driving factors, relevant policy, key success factor, risks, etc. and analyzed on the competitive landscape through qualitative and quantitative analysis against its competitors in terms of business model, products and services, pricing, number of physical examination centers, business revenues, financial ratios, in overall market and key sub-segments.
  • We analyzed on the development of Target Company, its management team, organization structure of core functional departments, business model, strategic planning, financial performance, etc., and conducted an in-depth internal operation evaluation of the Target Company.
  • We further made valuation through financial performance forecast and adopting different enterprise valuation models to help The Company well understand the Target Company’s real enterprise value.
  • We assisted The Company in analyzing Target Company’s recent development and growth prospect, advantages and opportunities, as well as benchmarking of competitors. Based on internal research on the Target Company and industry study, China Insights Consultancy submitted a detailed commercial due diligence report, including industry analysis, Target Company’s internal operation evaluation, enterprise valuation and strategic recommendation for future development in China’s chain physical examination market.
  • China Insights Consultancy actively interacted with the client to discuss and explore the target company’s business & market size, and competitive advantage, in order to draft the commercial due diligence report.
  • China Insights Consultancy, during the project, further assisted the client, to give timely replies to questions regarding the target company's industry size, as well as the company's business performance and valuation models.