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Case 1 : Healthcare Services Industry

A large private equity fund seeks to enter the health care industry. Due to the unfamiliar nature as well as the professionalism of the industry, the client commissioned China Insights Consultancy to conduct industry-specific research in micro and macro levels. Here are some of the lead questions:

1) What is the current status of the development of China’s private hospitals?

2) What policies and regulations are in connection with private hospitals?

3) What are well-known foreign hospital groups? And the progress of their business in China?

4) Which segments have the greatest growth potential?


Based on the client’s needs, China Insights Consultancy used its powerful platform to recommended 12 experts, including private medical institution executives, foreign private hospital executives, and members of regulatory structures and industry associations. Our client ultimately selected eight experts for consultation. Among them, two experts accompanied the client to conduct thorough research on several hospitals, offering professional advice on the operations and industry.

Due to China Insights Consultancy’s expert network, the client not only gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry, but also the extensive support of industry experts when the need arose for deeper research into the subject. In light of the short time frame required in making investment decisions, the expert network serves as an excellent resource.