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Case 2 :Dairy Industry

An international mutual fund sought to gain insight into Chinese public companies in the dairy industry, overall industry dynamics, and future industry trends. Our client specifically requested an expert’s interpretation and advice on the recent series of price changes and incidents in the dairy industry. Questions included:

1) What business conditions are the major domestic dairy companies in? And the competition?

2) What is the international trend in the dairy industry? Any M&As and expansions?

3) Regarding the recent event, would a government policy control ensue?

4) How will dairy prices change in one to two years?


Based on our client’s needs, China Insights Consultancy recommended a former executive of a public company to give advice on the dairy industry, predict future trends, and review the current industry condition. Then, the latest trends in the dairy industry were explained by a current executive of a private company, followed by online and offline distribution channels offering insight into sales in the dairy industry. Finally, research institutes on regulation, industry associations and experts shared their calculations on whether the government would adjust policies.

Benefiting from China Insights Consultancy’s expert network, our clients not only grasp the experienced views of industry executives, but also collect intelligence on the latest market changes through a comprehensive review of downstream channels and possible policy adjustments. This knowledge provides our clients an important basis for making investment decisions in the security secondary market.