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The China Insights Consultancy expert network service aims at facilitating “communication” between China Insights Consultancy clients and industry experts. The two parties connect via telephone or face to face—in a flexible, effective, and interactive way to grasp the latest industry information. Based on our strong expert network and extensive database, we ensure that clients are immediately matched with the most suitable expert. Through rigorous project management of before, during, and after the communication, we guarantee that our clients can achieve the desired communication effects and quickly move on to their next investment decisions.

Service Process

1When you need to understand the situation in an industry, and hope to communicate with the relevant experts, please tell us:
1 the industry or field of your interest
2 the information you want to understand
3 the problem you wish to solve
2According to specified needs, China Insights Consultancy will assign a project manager (PM) for the entire service, and provide you with a tailored list of experts within 48 hours, along with each expert’s profile.
3After you finish scanning through each expert’s profile, please inform the project manager:
1 the name of the expert you would like to meet
2 a meeting time period that suits you
4Our project managers will immediately arrange a time for you to communicate with the expert, and then confirm with you by phone and e-mail.
5After the communication, our project manager will ask for your opinion on:
1 the length of communication with the expert
2 the quality of communication
3 problems that still remain unresolved, and to find another qualified expert to support you immediately