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Case: Strategic Consulting Service for a Client Company

  • Our client (The Company) is a leading company that is engaged in providing security and video surveillance solution to the end users.
  • The Company expected to improve competitive strengths, through penetrating into the lucrative industries in China, and seeking local partners.
  • China Insights Consultancy acted as the consulting company for The Company’s strategic consulting project and assisted in digging into the industry as well as making future development strategy.
  • We conducted research on the market’s growth prospects, driving factors, relevant policy, competitive landscape, and risks, etc.
  • We researched and screen the end-use industries that are well matched with the Company’s product and solution strategy, and assessed the possibility for the Company to do business.
  • We screened and identified the potential partners through qualitative analysis such as benchmarking of operating model, served industries, customer base, along with quantitative analysis of business revenues and financial ratios.
  • We assisted The Company in analyzing recent developments and growth prospect of the industry, development opportunities, as well as benchmarking of competitors.
  • Based on internal research on The Company and industry, China Insights Consultancy submitted detailed strategic planning and consulting report, including action plan of China security solution market strategy and potential partners in China market.